We’re back in Paris. Year 3.

Arriving back at Charles De Gaulle Airport. Every time we are in the airport, I get a kick out of the mid-century style of the terminal.

What has changed?

We’re moved in before Sept 1! For the first time we are settled as of Sept 1, as of the new school year. It makes such a difference! In previous years it was Sept 22 and then Oct 15 before we were in our permanent place!

We have a new apartment. I love it! We searched long and hard for an apartment with 3 criteria – close to school, a view of the sky, and large enough for guests (ideally 3 bedrooms). Well, we found an apartment which met 2 out of our 3 criteria. It is close to school and has a magnificent view. However, it is small by US standards at 67 m2 and only has 2 bedrooms.

Our view!

I love our apartment. It has a good layout and a balcony. At night, every hour on the hour we get to see the Eiffel tower sparkle! And, it is super convenient to shops. The local Carrefour is basically in our lobby!

What is unchanged?

We are in the same neighborhood. Not only is it great being settled early, we are in the same neighborhood as last year (near Metro Vaugirard in the 15th). I don’t have to get to know the neighborhood. I already have my favorites stores, bakery, market etc. I know where everything is!

Paris is still amazing. There is always somewhere to go and something to discover in Paris. Yesterday we went to the 11th arrondissement to buy plants at a pop-up plant sale. While there we happened onto the location where Alain Ducasse’s chocolates are manufactured. We also stopped at a great place to eat, Cafe des Anges.

The markets are full of amazing produce. Today I went to the market and bought fresh figs, Chanterais melons, Mirabelle plums, french radishes and much much more.

I also picked up a couple of “pain au raisin” for breakfast. And when I found that we were out of milk, I popped downstairs to our local Carrefour to get some.

It is great to be back!