Epiphany is January 6th.  In France people share one of two types of king cake on this date.

In the northern half of France and Belgium the cake is called a galette des Rois, and is a round, flat, and golden cake made with flake pastry and often filled with frangipane, fruit, or chocolate.  We got ours at the local bakery today, filled with frangipane, ate it tonight, and it was fabulous!


In the south, in Provence, and in the south-west, a crown-shaped cake or brioche filled with fruit called a gâteau des Rois is eaten.  The brioche we have been eating is filled with a super yummy chocolate filling.  We have had three (!) of these already this week.

Both types of cake contain a charm, usually a porcelain or plastic figurine, called a fève (broad bean in French).  Fille has gotten the charm 3 times out of 4.  I guess she is the queen.