Say you want to pick up a few items from Ikea but are staying in the center of Paris.  And, you have no car.   The solution is that there is a shuttle that takes you there.   Actually, there are a number of shuttles to the different Ikea locations around Paris.

We took the shuttle from Place Clichy to the Paris Nord Ikea.  The shuttle from the Place de Clichy runs four times per day, Thursday through Sunday.  It goes “aller-retour”, that is, there is both a shuttle there and back.

On Sunday we took the 1pm shuttle there and the 4pm shuttle back.  Given the relatively light traffic it took less than 30 minutes each way from Place Clichy.  The time we spent there was the perfect amount of time to do our shopping (and have a snack).   Our bus was big and red with discrete signs saying Ikea but I have also seen big blue (Ikea blue) buses – which is how I found out about this service.

For those living in other parts of the city, there is also a shuttle from the Gare de l’Est five times per day aller-retour.   There is also a shuttle to the Ikea Thiais from Denfer-Rochereau three times a day.  And finally, there are shuttles to the Ikea Villiers from Place Bastille and also Place Gambetta.  Enjoy your trip! Let us know if you give it a try!