We visited Ikea Nord today.  There are three Ikeas around Paris (Nord, Thiais, and Villiers).  How is Ikea in Paris different than Ikea in California?  We all expect the same Ikea products, so is there something that is different?  Yes, there is. 

Wine:  You can buy wine with your meal in the cafe.


Example apartment layouts are smaller:  Two of the smallest were 15 sq meters and 20 sq meters.   That is just over 160 sq ft and just over 200 sq ft.


There is an apartment layout with no toilet:  The 15 sq meter apartment had no toilet.  Why?  There are still apartments in Paris with shared toilets.  These are the garret apartments on the top floors of buildings that were typically the servants quarters.  They can be pretty small.   These garret/servant apartments do not have a private toilet but share a toilet in the hall.  For example, here is an ad for an apartment in the 9th arrondisement near the Opera with 14 sq meters and “WC sur le palier à proximité immédiate”.   That is, a shared toilet on the landing close by.  Also, these apartments are usually only accessible by the servant’s stairs, in other words, no elevator.

Example restaurant layout:  They had a really cool example restaurant layout.   Bar area, seating area and even outdoor area.