Skiing is the main event in Flaine. However, there are other activities in Flaine to keep everyone happy and active.

Well groomed and well marked hiking trails. I went for a hike and the views were great! There is no need for snowshoes since the trails are so well maintained. There are also nordic ski trails and guided snowshoe hikes. However we saw a group on such a hike and it seemed to be a disaster. The participants were falling into the deep snow every few steps. Furthermore they didn’t seem to be going anywhere different than we were just off trail.

Swimming. One morning I went swimming and since it was during the day I had the pool to myself. The pool is large and good for swimming laps and is in the La Centaure spa which is part of the CGH complex. The spa also has two hot tubs, two saunas and a hammam. It is all very nicely maintained and luxurious. The cost was 10 euros which I thought was very fair. At the same pool they also teach aquagym and aquabike classes but I didn’t try them.

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The pool has large windows looking out onto the mountain.

Contests – Fille participated in a snowman building contest. She didn’t win but had a great time.

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Fireworks and Santa. Christmas eve there were fireworks and a visit by Santa with his sled pulled by sleigh dogs. Naturally, there will also be fireworks on New Year’s Eve.

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Activities we didn’t try. There is also a cinema and bowling alley. The ice-skating rink was not open while we were there. Also farther afield is dog-sledding.

The tourism office of Flaine has a fairly good website with more info. Check it out here. Happy skiing, hiking, swimming… etc.!