I love the holiday season in Paris. There are so many little signs of the holidays approach. Food and drink appear first. Then the decorations go up.

So lets start with food and drink!

  • Oysters
  • Beaujolais Nouveau
  • Boxed chocolates
  • Chocolate displays
  • Mushrooms
  • Christmas trees for sale

The first sign of the holiday season to appear is the oyster guy who sells outside our local carrefour on Friday and Saturday nights from October through March.

Next is the arrival of the Beaujeaulais Nouveau in late November.

Soon boxed chocolates appear!

Mountains and aisles of boxed chocolates appear in the shops

And the chocolate shops ramp up their window displays!

The chocolate shops go all out in creating amazing displays

It is also mushroom season!

Christmas trees are for sale and you can carry them home!

Now let’s check out the decorations!

  • The streets
  • The shop fronts
  • Even inside the shops
  • The town square

On the streets

In the shops and on the shops

The town hall in the 15th arrondissement also does an amazing job of decorating the town square. Here is the finished product on a quiet night!

More on the decoration of the town square later!