There is a great crêpe place on the banks of the Seine near the Pont de la Concorde.   Its called Breizh.  The road along the Seine near the bridge is closed to cars and full of people walking, jogging and biking.  A great place to stop and get a snack is Breizh.   They make savory (classic Breton buckwheat) and sweet crêpes.

The crêpes are “bio” (organic) and reasonably priced.  They also have cider (alcoholic) and organic juices for the kids.  You order, then wait (and wait and wait – this is France) for your name to be called.  The staff is surprisingly good-natured given the lines (long).    There are many tables to sit and eat and watch the boats on the Seine.   Recently, they have also added lounge chairs.  I wouldn’t like to eat while sitting on the lounge chairs (with the food in my lap) but they are great if you have stopped only for a drink.

For our savory crêpes we had the cheese/egg (which is a classic Breton choice) and tomato/mushroom (not classic and now that we tried it, not recommended).  The “formule” gets you two fillings for the savory crêpes and one filling for the sweet crêpes.   For our sweet crêpes we had the sautéed apples à la maison which were absolutely amazing!  The crêpes were filled with huge chunks of sauteed sweet apples.

Be forewarned they close early.  Also, it turns out that their main location is a restaurant in the Marais.   It looks a lot fancier and more expensive –>  Marais location.   I don’t know if the location on the Seine is open year round…  I’ll let you know if I find out!