Our building is having a housewarming party.  Yesterday a notice went up in the lobby.


I had to look up what the sign meant and even Google translate didn’t know the word.  French wikipedia says means “un repas ou une fête organisé pour célébrer un emménagement.”   In other words, a housewarming party.

As we were leaving, the concierge said “C’est pour vous.”  Also that if we didn’t come she would come up to the apartment and drag us down to the party.   I don’t really think it is “for us.”   At least I hope not.  I think rather that there have seen a couple of other “emménagements” in the building this past month so perhaps they are doing it for us all together (ensemble!).  More tomorrow on how it goes.

Update: Was super fun though somewhat tiring 2 hours of champagne drinking.  Turns out it was organized by the realtor who recently sold two apartments in the building. Came away with 2 phone numbers for planned “dates”.