Ladurée is a chain of bakeries and pastry shops in France known for its macarons.  They have shops worldwide but the original shop founded 1862 is on the Rue Royal in Paris and that is the one I recommend you visit!

The tea shop has multiple rooms and we happened to be seated in the small green room on the 1st floor.  We ordered hot chocolate (of course), coffee, tea, macarons and one of their desserts, the Isfahan.


The Isfahan is made with pink macaroons garnished with rose petal, lychee and fresh raspberries.  The taste was perfect but what impressed me the most was the tiny droplets of “water” on the rose petal.  The tiny droplets were made of some sugary gelatin-like substance.  Amazing.

What do I think of Ladurée versus Angelina’s? (see also our post on Angelina’s)

Fancy Pastries:  Ladurée wins hands down for variety and artistry.  I will never forget the drop of water on the rose petal.  For more insight into the artistry of their pastries take a look at their website which lists some of their pastries.

Best Pastry:   Angelina.  Nothing can beat the classic Mont Blanc.

Hot Chocolate:  Angelina.   I like the incredibly thick rich hot chocolate at Angelina’s better than the more exotic flavored hot chocolate at Ladurée.

Macarons:  Of course, Ladurée.  However, I am not a big fan of macarons so I don’t really care too much about a slight difference in quality.

Location: Ladurée.  The main room at Angelina’s is much nicer and we were lucky to be seated there.  However, the back room at Angelina’s didn’t appeal to me at all and I was happy we weren’t seated there.   At Ladurée however, all the rooms are gorgeous.  So, overall for location, I prefer Ladurée

Lines:  Ladurée had almost no line and we waited at about 10-15 minutes at most.   At Angelina’s there is always a line and we waited about 45 minutes.  They were enjoyable minutes since we chatted with an Australian family in front of us… but…

Overall, I would go back to Angelina’s because of the Mont Blanc and the hot chocolate.  It is a close call though.

What hot chocolate do you like best in Paris?  If there is a place you have tried and liked, let us know!  We’ll go and have a taste.  Thanks for any recommendations.