So, awhile ago I blogged about Damiani, a really amazing Boulangerie a few streets down from us. I said that it was the very best!

Damiani is an AMAZING bakery, but we have changed our minds. Here are the best bakeries(in our opinion) for the different goods.

Sandwiches: Damiani … the eggplant and goat feta sandwich is amazing. So are the other sandwiches.

Tradition BaguettesLa Princesse… The employees recognize us now, and are very nice. They always give us the freshest, warmest baguettes.

Croissants(chocolate or plain)Super U Store… At our local Super U, you can get 6 croissants for only $2.80! Not only that, but the croissants are delicious! I especially love the plain croissants… they’re nice and buttery. The croissants at Super U are just as good or better than most bakeries in Paris.

PalmiersLa Princesse… I really like palmiers, even the packaged ones from Safeway(a grocery store in America). But palmiers at La Princesse are fantastic! They are crunchy but sweet, flaky and amazing. Best of all, you can tell that they were handmade at that bakery because they aren’t quite perfect… they have that special home-baked touch that gives each palmier a little pizazz.

Gâteaux(Cakes)Damiani… The cakes at Damiani are to die for! I got a raspberry mousse cake for getting halfway done with my sixth grade ixl(an online learning website) and it was amazing! There are a bunch of other types of cakes too… all of them delicious! If you live near Damiani, go check it out!

Having favorite bakeries for different baked goods is normal in France… everybody has different favorites for different things. Tell us where you like to get pastries in the comments!

Freshly baked baguette!