An exceptional temporary exhibit on film at the Musée de Montmartre unfortunately just closed.   The focus of the exhibit was on Montmartre as portrayed in films.   I feel fortunate that we happened to visit while the exhibit was still there.


Many (all?) the films that had scenes in Montmartre were displayed with video clips, posters, and set design info.   One of the most well known of course, is An American in Paris (1951), with Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron, which was the winner of the Oscar for the best film of 1951.


Another classic is the French Cancan (1954), a musical comedy with Jean Gabin and Maria Felix, which takes place in Montmartre.  The movie tells the story of the Moulin Rouge and the invention of the CanCan. The director, Jean Renoir, was the son of the painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir, who painted several important works while living in Montmartre.  And of course, the American movie Can Can (1960) staring Shirley MacLaine was also set in Montmartre.


Midnight in Paris (2011) a movie directed by Woody Allen was shot was shot entirely in Paris and includes scenes shot in Montmartre.  Below are the details for the set design of the Moulin Rouge.


There are many many more!  (Amélie (2001), La Môme (2007) etc.)

I wish the exhibit were still on, as I would like to go back and have the time to see it all again.  However, the exhibit did publish a book with the details.  Sadly, I didn’t buy it.  I will have to go back and see if they have any left.


What’s your favorite movie filmed in France?  Let us know!