We went to a wonderful small market in Langeais with many local producers.  Our favorite was the cheese producer.   He had one type of cheese, Saint-Maure de Touraine.  That’s it.  Just Saint-Maure de Touraine.  I liked that!

Saint-Maure de Touraine is a classic cheese which most commonly comes in a log form with a straw running down the middle and an wood ash rind.  The classic Saint-Maure de Touraine is made of unpasteurized goat milk and produced in the Touraine area of the Loire Valley .  You can also find a this cheese in the grocery store in a more basic version, usually called Saint-Maure without the ash rind and without the straw down the middle and not using the appellation “de Touraine”.  The grocery store version was the  Saint-Maure which we used for our Halloween Ghosts.

We spoke to the farmer briefly and bought three logs of Saint-Maure de Touraine. 

All three cheeses were made of goat milk. All had the classic wood ash covering on the outside.  One was younger and he recommended it be eaten in 10 days. The others were already aged. 

The farmer told us was that had been coming to the Langeais market for 28 years!  He had started coming as a boy with his father.  Now his son was there at market with him.  It seems that the Langeais market is the only one that they attend. We were lucky to be there and to meet them. 

Their farm is called Ferme de la Biquette and is located in Crissay sur Manse, just south of the Loire and about 30 minutes from Langeais.  As you can see from their flyer, they are happy to have visitors to their farm.  If you can’t make it to the farm you can also go to the Langeais market on Saturday to buy their cheese. 

Next time we go to the “Pays de la Loire” and we hope we will soon, we will definitely make a stop at their farm!