For our Halloween Party, we used a basic grocery store version of Sainte Maure cheese.  It  is a log-shaped goat cheese with a rind.  Most log-shapped goat cheeses in the US do not have a rind, but you need the rind for making the ghosts so that they keep their shape.   Slice the cheese about 1/4 inch thick, then add cranberries (cut in half) for the eyes.  You can also shape the cheese slightly by pressing in on the sides before cutting so that it has more of a ghost shape.  Yum!

In general,  Saint Maure is a log-shaped goat cheese made from either raw or pasteurized milk with a rind.   The classic version found in a fromagerie may be a version with a slightly moldy blackened (ash) rind.   The basic grocery store version just has a white rind – either would work for ghosts!