I am in love with Picard.  Not Jean-Luc, but the French food chain Picard.  In fact, I even signed up for their loyalty card.


We had walked by the Picard store a dozen times without knowing what it was.  From the outside it looks like an office.  Very clean, very white but you can’t quite tell what is inside.  That’s because what is inside are floor chest freezers. So from the outside they look like white boxes or if you don’t look too carefully, white desks in a high-tech office.

Inside the freezers though, are about a thousand different frozen food items.  Most of the items are unprocessed ingredients or close to unprocessed.  There are the usual frozen meats and fish but also many kinds of vegetables and fruits, also vegetable purees, and frozen soups.  There are also French sauces and desserts.

Is it much better than any frozen food aisle in a US grocery store.  Yes there are a few single serving frozen meals,  but this is France, so can you really imagine a Frenchman/woman sitting down to a calorie reduced single serving micro-waved meal?  No.

Picard is a store for those who like to cook, mostly from scratch, but may not have the time to chop or may not be able to find fresh ingredients out of season.  If you see a Picard store, go in and take a look around.