I am so happy that Spring has arrived. Okay, maybe I am being overly optimistic given our experience last year! But there are signs of impending spring.   And I am thrilled! While grey is a good color for Paris, a sunny sky is better for my disposition.

  • It is a little bit warmer – it is almost double digits in Centigrade most afternoons now. I am hoping it stays this way and we don’t get the “beast from the east” like we did last year. We were in Barcelona and it was hail and freezing rain this time last year.
  • The sky has been blue for a week instead of the classic Paris grey. It was a beautiful day to be out rowing on the Seine this Sunday!
  • I saw a crocus blooming.
  • And…the sky is now light when I go to school in the morning. For the past three months, when I headed out for – and arrived at – my 8am class it was still dark. There was not even a hint of a sunrise. We used to watch the sunrise from class. Now it is light when I leave for class! Here are some photos of what it used to look like!