Like many European cities, Budapest is very walkable and the transit system is efficient and inexpensive.  Many sites to visit are within a short walk or transit ride from each other.  

Here are of my favorite walk, metro and tram lines.

Walk across the Széchenyi Chain Bridge (Lánchíd) – Take a visit to the Castle district, then walk down the hill to the Chain bridge.  The Chain bridge is one of the prettiest and most central and there are great photos ops as you walk across the Danube.

Széchenyi Chain Bridge

Tram line #2 –  Trams in Budapest are yellow and cute.  One of the most useful and pretty rides is on Tram #2 on the embankment of the Pest side of Budapest.  Its route follows the Danube River providing views of Buda and Buda Castle on the other side of the Danube. On the Pest side, you are treated to views of the baroque neo-gothic Parliament building up close, along with several UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the Chain Bridge. This line connects Jászai Mari Square and Közvágóhíd Square, and rides parallel with the Danube,

Metro line #1 – Line 1 is the oldest of the metro lines in Budapest, having been in constant operation since 1896. It is not only the oldest in Budapest but the oldest underground line on the European mainland and the third oldest in the world. In 2002, it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Entrances to the stops are marked with iconic metro signs which predate those of Paris. The fabled yellow Metro 1 cars run from downtown Vörösmarty Square through low-ceilinged tunnels beneath the length of grand Andrássy Avenue.   The stations are classically decoratedwith white-tiled walls and steel support beams lined with metal rivets. The line ends just past City Park.  This is a great choice for getting to Heroes Square (Hősök tere) and the Szechenyi baths (Széchenyi fürdő).

Tickets – You can buy tickets for buses, trams and metro at post offices or at kiosks near bus stops or in the metro.  Tickets can be bought individually or in batches of 10 for a discount. Once on board, you need to validate the tickets by inserting them into the machines and getting them stamped.  Failure to do so may result in a fine if inspectors come and check tickets.