Jardin des Plantes, the name says it all! It is a gorgeous garden full of plants of all different types. Yes, that is probably what makes this garden special.

One visit to this garden is not enough! Why? Because there are

  • Many different areas with different types of flowers
  • May different flowers planted in the beds and blooming at different times of the year

So, plan on visiting more than once especially if you are lucky enough to live in France and can go often in the spring and summer.


Let’s start with the different areas

The central corridor area has groomed beds with plantings that are updated as the season progresses.

In another section are aromatic and medicinal plants, a section with amazing peonies, a rose garden, an alpine garden and a demonstration garden area used for the botany school located on site.

There are also four museums (Botany, Mineralogy, Palaeontology, Evolution) and and a zoo, all of which of course are not open due to Covid, so I’ll post on those another time.

There is also a large greenhouse, which is also closed due to Covid, which I have yet to visit so I am very excited to visit when it can finally open again.

The Central corridor

The demonstration garden and medicinal/aromatics

It is also tree blossom season (mid-April)

Peonies blooming (mid-April)

The Alpine Garden