Here are some nice food choices to have on your first day in Paris. You’ll have some jet lag, so these are options that you can easily find that won’t  be too far away from your hotel or apartment.

  1. Patisseries/Boulangeries-  Boulangeries and patisseries are very similar. In French, a patisserie is a shop that specializes in selling baked goods. Most patisseries  have an assortment of pastries and other baked goods. A boulangerie is a bakery. Boulangeries almost always sell breads, as well as pastries, quiches, cakes, and more.  There are many patisseries in every neighborhood. A good way to experience Paris as well as eat good food is to find a local patisserie and get some food from there. There are lots of choices. On our first day, we got a leek quiche and a smoked salmon sandwich from our local patisseries, and they were absolutely delicious!
  2. Markets- The Marche Couvert de Batignolles is the farmer’s market closest to us. It’s about a 10 or 15 minute walk from our apartment. The prices are not super cheap, but not very expensive. There are a few restaurants inside of the market. We went to a crepe restaurant in the market on our first full day in  Paris. The crepe was amazing (we had a lemon juice and sugar crepe)! We also got some lentil salad from one of the stands, which was expensive, but tasty.
  3. Grocery stores- If you want to stay with the food you know but also expose yourself to Paris, you might want to go to you local grocery store. Sometimes the options are limited, but you can always get something to eat. On our first day in paris we got some amazing lemonade by Andros brand. It has 34% lemon juice, which is more than you would see in America, so you can taste the lemon juice,  but it’s still sweet enough.


Enjoy all of these food options!