Today I tried rowing for the first time at  Société des Régates Parisiennes! It was really fun!  Société des Régates Parisiennes is the Rowing club that I might be a part of this year.

My very first crew practice went like this: Since it was so windy, we couldn’t go out in boats, but we did do hard workout inside. First we used the rowing tank. After that, we went to the boathouse. There were at least 100 boats in there! Coach Christophe explained the rules of using the boats, and then showed us the parts of the boat.  Once he finished, we went to the gym, where we worked to build strength in our core and arms. Those are the main parts of the body we have to build up for rowing.  Once we finished that, practice had ended! The whole practice was from 1:30-3:30.

When it’s not so windy, we are going to be rowing in the Seine! That’ll be so much fun!

Here are some pictures of my 1st practice!