I have a few different favorite drinks in Paris so far. Some of them may be a little unhealthy, but they are nice treats after a long day for kids. Here are my 5 favorites!

  1. Orange Fanta- Fanta has always been one of my favorite sodas. In Paris it has more real orange juice than in America, which makes it taste even better.IMG_4671
  2. Schweppes brand Agrum soda- This soda has grapefruit, lemon, orange, and lime. The combination is really tasty.
  3. Andros Lemonade- I mentioned this in another blog post, but it deserves to be mentioned again. It has 34% lemon juice, which is pretty good, considering one of the big brands of lemonade, Tropicana, has only 15% lemon juice.IMG_4058
  4. Fresh Squeezed orange juice- If you’ve read my mom’s post about “Franprix for breakfast“, you know that we really enjoy the orange juice we get at Franprix.IMG_4331
  5. Mango- Cantaloupe- Mint Smoothie- A few days ago, at the Galleries Lafayette, we got some really tasty food, and I got a really good smoothie. They called it the “Orange smoothie”.