Today we FINALLY went swimming again.  The last (and first time) we went swimming was on our first full day in Paris.   Back then we were jet-lagged but hoping to get over it with a swim.   We had ambitious plans of visiting one new pool per week.  Too ambitious it seems.

Today we went to Piscine Suzanne Berlioux.  Why did we choose that one?  Well, it is in Forum des Halles (a shopping center in the center of town on the site of the old les Halles market) AND it has aqua-cycle classes.

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 7.01.00 PM

The aqua-cycle classes are like Soul Cycle in the US but in the water, without the dark lighting and without the music.  It was quite wild.   There were things we did in the water that you would not be able to do on land.  For example,  with our feet on the pedals we leaned back off the seat (behind the bike) and pedaled while doing the breast stroke with our hands to keep us afloat.  Then, there were sit-ups with our feet lodged in the handle bars!

It was a good workout, but wouldn’t do it again…  I prefer swimming.  And, we will probably go back to this pool since it is a great pool for swimming.  It is a 50m pool and the water temperature is excellent and there are great changing rooms and lockers.

By the way, here is a great website which gives the hours and locations of swimming pools in Paris.  It is a part of a great website which has hour for all sorts of places in Paris such as museums and markets.