Until yesterday, I had avoided the famous ice cream shop Berthillon.   I had read about excruciatingly long lines.   Also, so often when you mention Paris people ask first about Berthillon rather than the art, the architecture, the history, or the fashion.

Well, it was a cold December day and we were in the neighborhood – walking back along Rue St. Louis from Notre Dame in fact.   So, we thought, how long could the lines be on a day like today?  They weren’t long at all. In fact, there was no line for take-out and only a few people in line for the cafe.

So we got an apricot sorbet and a raspberry with rose sorbet.  Both had an amazing intensity of flavor.  Sometimes they have special seasonal flavors but either they didn’t have any that day or were already sold out.

Totally worth it!  Go.  Stand in line.  Have some!  Its really good.