We haven’t been blogging because we are in the countryside in Dordogne.   We are staying in a tiny village called Mauzac  located on the Dordogne river.   Our access to the internet is limited and very slow.

For the moment, I’ll post photos … and when I have more internet and more time, we will write about what it has been like to spend a week here.

In the meantime a few quick comments:

  • We are here for the  “stage” of the rowing club fille rows with in Paris.   A “stage” is a camp – in this case a rowing training camp.
  •  There is one bar/restaurant in Mauzac and one small store.  Both are only open with very limited ours.
  • The views are outstanding and the area (Perigord) has many beautiful villages to visit.

I recommend a visit.  It is way off the usual path for tourists. You’ll see what I mean in further posts!