Hi guys!

So, there are a bunch of similar take out restaurants on my street, but one stands out.

Ironically, it isn’t French! Wait, don’t go away yet… the place is called Anatolie Kebab and it is amazing!

We have been going to Anatolie since a little after we moved into our current apartment… so early October!

Anatolie is the first kebab place you see (on the right side of the road Avenue de Clichy), once you walk out of La Fourche Metro station.

If you want some good quality, on-the-go food, with fantastically nice staff, and you are near the La Fourche Metro try Anatolie!

There are many other Turkish/Lebanese places on Avenue de Clichy, but don’t even bother trying the others! Anatolie has the best quality, the cleanest- most sanitized looking place, and the nicest workers.

It also seems like the most Authentic Turkish/Lebanese place on the road! Other places have desperate looking signs saying “Cheese Naan” and “Pizza YOLO”, despite being Turkish/Lebanese.

Maman will elaborate more on the quality of the food and the place itself.

I’ll keep this quick, but as I’ve said above, the people who work there are amazing! There have been the same people there since when we started coming (with a few new staff members, who we like just as much). They are polite and great at their job, and if you keep coming back to their place, they will remember you and give you a little extra of everything. They will remember your usual order! And they have even started giving maman complimentary tea (which she says is very good) while we wait for our food!

If you are nearby, please come to Anatolie! You won’t regret it!