In our first days in Paris, and our first days with the blog, I posted about the Ducks in Square de Batignolles, in my post: “Fille: World’s most colorful duck seen in Paris“! In that post, you could see our photos of the Fulvous Whistling ducks and their babies!

Well now, those babies have grown up, and you can still see them in the park. But if you go to Square de Batignolles park right now, you might also see other ducks- with ducklings!

When we went there about a week ago, the geese were there… with a… flock of ducklings! Some of the other ducks have ducklings too, I think.

Meanwhile, while rowing, I saw some ducks with 5 or 6 ducklings per couple!

Unfortunately, I didn’t have my phone or a camera with me on a boat in the middle of the seine (for obvious reasons), so there aren’t any pictures. But I witnessed the ducklings- their fluff still yellow- take one of their first swims in the river! It was beautiful!

Super cute pictures are below!

Cute, huh! Come back for more posts!