I wasn’t expecting to write about a blog post about a liquor (liqueur in french) but here it is! I am not a big drinker of liquors – 3-4 times per year at most, usually around Christmas or special dinner parties. But I just had to write about this!

At our local Christmas market my brother-in-law bought a bottle of liquor to take home with him from a local artisanal vendor. The couple running the stall were super sweet and very excited about their products.

Here is a great photo of my brother-in-law choosing what to buy.

My b-i-l chose the most unusual of the flavors and the product that the young man was most excited about. It was very charming the way the young man was most excited about the benefits of this liquor for general health issues and female problems in particular.

Well, when my brother-in-law went home he left it for us. I am thrilled that he did. It is incredibly flavorful and incredibly smooth!

Looking on the web I have tried to figure out what it is exactly. So far, I have found that either 1) it is a liquor made of a mix of herbs with healing properties or 2) specifically made of the Arquebuse plant. The producer said that it was made of the plants they grew themselves so I do think this is the latter.

To find out more, I did a search on the web to see what I could find out about the producer. The name of the producer is “Alambic des Monts d’Ardèche.” An “alambic” is an apparatus used in distillation – it is “alembic” in English (I had to look both of these bits of information up). Ardèche is a region in the south-east of France, getting close to the foot of the Alps.

I also found a video made by the producers which sadly so far has only 298 views. The video gives a feel for the producers and shows them harvesting the Arquebuse plant. I recommend taking a look!

If you ever see the liquor sold anywhere, give it a try! If you know more about it, let me know!