We were unusually energetic on our first day in Paris considering the jet lag.  Our first stop was the local market (marché).  Since I love buying fresh fruits, flowers, and vegetables, I check out farmer’s markets where possible (see my post on the farmer’s market in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada).

The Marché des Batignolles is an okay farmers market; I’ll go back since it is our neighborhood market, but I wasn’t overly impressed.  However, there was a charming friendly crêperie in the market.  It seemed to be family owned with what looked like a grandmother, son, and granddaughter.   There was a window to the stall and locals were sitting eating crêpes and drinking apple cider while sitting on stools.

There weren’t any stools available so we waited for a bit and a friendly french family (husband, wife and child in stroller) stood up and offered us their seats.  We ordered the simplest crêpe (citron sucree – I’ll have to find the correct description) and two apple ciders.

Our order came and the crêpe was divine.  It was made with fresh lemon zest.  So yummy!  I had also ordered one cider for me and one for AJ.   They served us giving one to her and one to me.   Turns out, what the locals were drinking, and what I ordered was hard cider.   Looked like apple juice!  Lots of laughs all around when I explained that I didn’t realized it was hard cider and they happily switched her order to plain apple juice.  Note however, it was fine with them if I wanted to give my daughter hard cider.  : )

Here is a super useful link to farmer’s markets in Paris.   You can check what markets are in your arrondisement, whether they are open or not, and their hours in general.