Pont-l’Évêque  cheese comes in a square shape with striated markings on top.   Search for articles about it on the web and most of the descriptions include words like stinky, strong-smelling, and reeking.  Perhaps that is why it is my favorite cheese so far.

It has a nice creamy consistency but is firm.  I put slices on my bread and devoured a third of what you see in the photos in one meal.

This type of cheese is from Normandy and the one we ate  is from Livarot in Normandy.  The package says that the cheese was made from cow’s milk “thermisé“.   So it is not a raw milk cheese but neither is it pasteurized.

The one we bought is from the local chain grocery store, but next I’ll try one from our local cheese stand in the market to see how it compares.